Instructions On How To Raise And Care For Corgi Dogs For Beginners

By nguyen quoc trung on Dec 19, 2022

The corgi is a small herding dog that originated in Wales in the United Kingdom.

This breed usually has a height of about 25-30cm and weight from 9-13kg. This breed will grow to full size and standard weight at 9 months of age. However, Pembroke is quite gluttonous, so it is easy to become obese. Their weight can be up to 20 kg if you feed them too much without regular exercise. Therefore, raising and taking care of it is of great interest to many people, today Lopinet will guide you to take care of these lovely corgi dogs.

Diet for Corgi
Possessing a small body but quite mischievous, Corgi requires you to provide a full range of nutrients. Accordingly, the substances that must be included in the dog's diet are:

Protein: Found in meats, most often beef, followed by chicken, pork, duck eggs, etc.
Fat: Usually already available in protein-containing meats, you do not need to add more because it is easy to make Corgi obese.
Fiber: Among the vegetables, the best ones are still carrots. Fiber is extremely good for the Corgi's digestive system and coat.
Vitamins and minerals: Vitamins are often found in fresh foods such as carrots, shrimp, clams, snails, etc.
Starch: Found in rice, porridge, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, etc.

Some notes when feeding Corgi

Do not feed too much in one meal or too much fat because Corgi is very prone to obesity.
Fresh food must be cooked, not raw fishy food.
Absolutely do not feed your dog hard, small bones, especially chicken bones.
Clean bowls and trays clean, do not eat leftovers.

Cleaning for Corgi dogs
In the process of cleaning the dog, the owner should pay attention to a few things:

Bathe the Corgi 1-2 times per week to avoid hair and skin diseases.
If the Corgi's coat is lightly soiled, you can wipe it off with a wet cloth, not necessarily a bath.
Pay attention to cleaning the nooks and crannies with many bacteria such as: Between the ears, between the feet, the armpits, ...
Besides, you should also brush Corgi's teeth if you have time.

Above is some interesting information that wants to give you on how to raise Corgi most effectively. Hopefully, through this article, you have had enough basic knowledge to raise obedient and healthy short-legged Corgi puppies.
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