The Secret To Raising A Healthy Disease Free Corgi Dog

By nguyen quoc trung on Dec 23, 2022

The Welsh Corgi is a dog native to Wales, cute in shape with 4 short legs and a long back. Currently, the Corgi is a popular and popular dog in many families because of its chubby, dwarf and lovely appearance and human-friendliness.

Despite possessing such advantages, is it really easy to raise a dog with a corgi? What kind of diet is currently receiving a lot of attention? Let's explore with lopinet to get more useful information, make taking care of the corgi puppy easier and more convenient.

What Corgi dogs eat ddeeer is full of nutrition and healthy
The Corgi is a breed with a disproportionate body. Without a scientific and appropriate diet, Uncle Corgi is very susceptible to obesity, overweight or dangerous diseases. Let's build a quality nutritional diet to keep Corgi healthy

The protein
In order for your Corgi dog to always have plenty of energy and a healthy digestive system, in your daily meals, add protein to Corgi dog food from foods such as:

Beef, pork: The delicious lean meat, low in fat will stimulate the taste of the pets.
Meat or chicken intestines: Export products will be the perfect choice; They are not only cheap and safe, but also a favorite of Corgis.
Internal organs: Liver, lungs, heart, heart, brain, kidney...
You should blanch in boiling water or cook all raw foods; This will help the food be more safe and clean, ensuring the health of the dog.

To limit overweight and obesity, strictly control the amount of fat in Corgi dog food. Because protein-containing foods also contain a small amount of fat, it is not necessary to add fat or vegetable oil to provide fat for the dog.

Calcium is an essential element in the development of puppies. Nutrients will help the dog to have strong bones, strong legs and limit the situation of lowering the table and having jerks.

For extra calcium, add eggs and scrambled eggs to your Corgi dog food for the week; at least 2-3 times/week. Especially regular eggs, this is a delicious and attractive dish for many Corgi dogs.

In addition, the cakes and calcium milk or calcium tubes in the pet store are also familiar foods to note if you want to provide calcium for the puppies.

Vitamins and Fibers
Vitamins and fiber are foods that help improve resistance and improve digestion. Therefore, you should prepare fresh and clean vegetables such as: Carrots, green beans, vegetables, pumpkin ... in the daily meal of the Corgi dog.

Corgi is a carnivorous animal, so foods such as rice, sweet potatoes or cereals are not in the eyes of Corgi dogs. However, to provide a part of the Corgi's active energy, it is very important to supplement the necessary amount of starch.

So, to stimulate the Corgi's taste buds, mix this food with meat so that your dog can eat it all.

Amount of food in each stage of development of the corgi
Nutritional composition and amount of food to be added at each stage of development will be different. Therefore, we need to build up a suitable and scientific diet if we want the little dog to be healthy.

Example for Uncle Corgi under 6 months old:

It is recommended to feed 2-3 meals a day.
The amount of food should be only 2-3% of their body weight.
Food should be soft, thin, rich in protein and fiber.
Corgi is a gluttonous species, so it often suffers from obesity, affecting health and longevity. Therefore, good control of food intake is important and necessary.

Hopefully the above information will help you have more useful knowledge to help your Corgi dog stay healthy!
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